Band :   Totten Korps
Title :   Supreme Commanders Of Darkness
Format :   CD
Year :   2016
Genre :   Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER10004
01. Supreme Commanders of Darkness / 02. The Black Flame of the Underworld / 03. El antiguo maestro de las pestilencias / 04. Hastur’s Voice Echoes in Our Minds / 05. I Dwell in the Mind of the Gullible / 06. The Journey through Styx on the Arms of Hades / 07. Amarduk / 08. The Legacy of Leviathan (Shadows from the Depths) / 09. Nailing / 10. Tortured Souls from the Paths of Perdition
European/Asia/USA version of the new amazing album by the well known band Totten Korps from chile released in digipack for Chile at the end of 2015. Total old school and dark death metal.
Totten Korps - Supreme Commanders Of Darkness
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