Band :   Beef Conspiracy
Title :   A Jigsaw of a Flock of Geese
Format :   CD
Year :   2016
Genre :   Grind/Brutal Death
Catalogue No. :   PER073
01.Hot Sausage Coma / 02.Dismemberment Of A Haemophiliac / 03.Reach For The Sword / 04.Foreplay Of The Dead / 05.Jam Or Butter, Not Both / 06.Beneath My Skin / 07.A Jigsaw Of A Flock Of Geese / 08.Spunky Beefcake / 09.It Fell To The Pavement From That With Doth Befoul / 10.Nothing Says I Love You Like A Chainsaw Injury To The Head / 11.Entrails For Decor / 12.Beef Denied / 13.Badgers Ate My Dog / 14.Nobody Knew That The Wig Was Made Of Spiders / 15.Steak Shaped Cake Tin / 16.You Don´R Start With A Fist / 17.Brown Lips / 18.My Meat, Your Baps
The uk grind combo have returned with an amazing new cd full of hate and rabid.....ready for sweet ears and strong hearts!!
Beef Conspiracy - A Jigsaw of a Flock of Geese
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