Band :   Sagrado
Title :   Bastardized By The Decrepit Whore Beast
Format :   CD
Year :   2015
Genre :   Brutal Slam Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER059
01. Death Discrepancy / 02. Your Throat Is My Natural Aphrodisiac / 03. Bukkake Onslaught / 04. Ominous Secretion Through Execution / 05. Upon The Bloody Altar Of The Bitch Goddess / 06. Necrophiliac , Post Traumatic Seizure / 07.Cervix And Peehole Soldering / 08. Swallowing Is Her Birth Control
The new CD of the brutal death band Sagrado is a masterpiece of pure brutality, this second CD is a big step up for the band from Philippines.
Sagrado - Bastardized By The Decrepit Whore Beast
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