Band :   Carrioned
Title :   Echoes Of Abomination
Format :   CD
Year :   2013
Genre :   Brutal Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER044
01. Dirge For The Forsaken (Descend Into Oblivion) / 02. Liturgy For Dying Remains / 03. Shrouded In Agony / 04. Carrioned (Rotted Remnant) / 05. Resurrected Abomination / 06. Soul Stoma
After some delays finally the cd of the spanish band Carrioned will see the light of day in Pathologically Explicit Recordings... the cd will includes the new songs plus demo and promo so it will contains all the recorded stuff by the band... Carrioned plays a dark and heavy brutal death in the old vein with influences of bands as Demilich, Baphomet.... vomiting old school death metal for the lovers of 90s`style... be sure to grab your copy when it is out.
Carrioned - Echoes Of Abomination
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