Band :   Levial
Title :   Possesion Of A Divine Soul
Format :   CD
Year :   2012
Genre :   Dark Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER042 / SDMR002
01. Intro / 02. Malevolent Fire / 03. Destiny Of The Occult / 04. Corpus
Delity Post Mortum / 05. Sorcery / 06. Chained Beast / 07. Possesion Of A
Divine Soul / 08. Common Grave (Bonus Track) / 09. Exodus Towards
The Unknown (Bonus Track) / 10. Bloody Exorcism (Bonus Track)
For first time in CD with remastered sound and bonus track we can present the re release of the demo of this Spanish death metal band that later changed their name to Ouija, occult and dark death metal recorded in 1994 and with 3 bonus songs taken from a live show with songs not presented in the demo and also never recorded....
Levial - Possesion Of A Divine Soul
High Resolution Cover
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