Band :   Lugubrious
Title :   In Nomine Domine Nostri, Jesus Christi
Format :   MCD
Year :   2012
Genre :   Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER041 / SDMR001
01. Lugubrious (Intro) / 02. Reddening The Twilight / 03. Catalepsy /
04. Yersinia Pestis / 05. Trees Of Cemetery
Finally we have the chance to hear for first time in cd and remastered by Lalo of Legacy Of Brutality band. The 1993 demo of this Spanish band with the actual Haemorrhage singer... 4 songs plus intro of dark and original death metal... a must!!
Lugubrious - In Nomine Domine Nostri, Jesus Christi
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