Band :   Impaled Offering
Title :   Eternity Awaits
Format :   CD
Year :   2012
Genre :   High Desert Deathgrind
Catalogue No. :   PER040
01. Awakened Through Death / 02. Archives Of Flesh /
03. Down Syndrome Lust / 04. Sovereign Of Solitude /
05. Contortion Of Souls / 06. Reality Engorged / 07. Eternity Awaits /
08. Regurgitate Christianity / 09. Eurphoric State Of Agony
Coming from United States we are proud to present Impaled Offering, a 2 band man with an awesome style of rotten death grind mixing old school style with new elements, recorded and masterized by Dennis Muñoz (guital player of Solstice, Iniquitous...) a high level release...
Impaled Offering - Eternity Awaits
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