Band :   Apostles Of Perversion
Title :   Meeting Of Atrocities
Format :   MCD
Year :   2011
Genre :   Brutal Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER030
01. Myxedematous Coma / 02.Conditions From A Tormented Past / 03. Meeting of Atrocities / 04. Disturbing Eating Disorder / 05. Postmortal Sexual Taste / 06. Myxedematous Coma (Demo Version) / 07. Intracraneal Hypertension / 08. Believe
Apostles Of Perversion is a Spanish band coming from Canary Islands, they are performing a brutal death in the American style... they also recorded a demo in 2006 that can be heared in their new MCD!! Take a listen to this brutal band!!!
Apostles Of Perversion - Meeting Of Atrocities
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