Band :   Hate Division
Title :   Strategy Of Obsolescence
Format :   CD
Year :   2011
Genre :   Brutal Death Metal
Catalogue No. :   PER027
01. Exitium (Intro) / 02. Strategy Of Obsolescence / 03. Regression Of Reality / 04. The Great Recession / 05. Medicinal Perdition /
06. Assimilation Or Death / 07. A Slice Of Freedom / 08. Parasitic Agenda /
09. A Division Of Hate / 10. Denialism / 11. Tyranny Of The Weak
Hate Division is a brutal band from Canada and Strategy Of Obsolescence is their debut full length after an EP released in 2009. Musically they can be described as brutal death with some grind elements... bands like Dying Fetus and Cephalic Carnage can be named as some of their influences but all with their unique style... this CD will be a must!!!
Hate Division - Strategy Of Obsolescence
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