Band :   Impaled Offering
Origin :   USA.
Genre :   High Desert Deathgrind.
Current Lineup :   Joseph Chavez (Vocals, Bass),
Ben Segura(Drums) & Ken Padilla (Guitars).
website :
Impaled Offering began in April 2010, in Albuquerque New Mexico, when Ben Segura and Ken Padilla met up to jam. Both where happy with what was coming out, and decided to create a unique take on deathgrind. Joseph Chavez was soon picked up to handle bass and vocals, he fit in perfect bringing a old school vocal style and insane bass playing. Impaled Offerings mission is to create Extrem Music with there own unique sound and agression, while mixing in many genres such as old school death, tech, slam, thrash, black metal, grind and gore. We look forward to jamming with as many extreme bands, and for as many extreme fuckers as possible.
Regurgitate Christianity
Eternity Awaits
Impaled Offering
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