Band :   Flesh Throne
Origin :   USA.
Genre :   Brutal Death Metal.
Current Lineup :   Lou Martinez (Vocals) & Paul Tavora (Guitars).
Flesh Throne is originally a New York native band with international ties for collaborating in the brutal death metal community. Founded by Lou Martinez (ex-Vomitous, Sweden), the aim of this project is to create a medium by which Lou's personal poetry/philosophy could be expressed while paying hommage to the forefathers of brutal death metal--specifically the old NY bands such as Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, and Dehumanized as examples. There are no real limits as to which musicians could be involved in Flesh Throne productions but as of now the core members are Lou Martinez and Paul Tavora (Dehumanized). The first MCD debut, Onslaught, is set to be the seedling for what the future will hold...
Onslaught MCD 2011
Flesh Throne
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Flesh Throne
 - Onslaught
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