Band :   Vermis Antecessor
Origin :   Spain.
Genre :   Brutal Death Metal.
Current Lineup :   Chebe (Vocals), Diego (Guitar),
Camilo (Guitar), Víctor (Bass, Backing Vocals) & Iván (Drums).
myspace :
Formed in November 2004 as a result of a sudden inner impulse, Vermis Antecessor is more than just a brutal death band, Vermis Antecessor is the only way of showing our musical manifesto in connection with our human convictions, merging each of our individual idiosyncrasies into a collective concept.
Four years later, in 2008, at the close of an arduous epoch of creation and self obliteration it was time to arise, come out of the Cave and reflect our concept of what Brutal Death means. Nine months after would be born The Origin Of Brutality. Right now Vermis Antecessor is working on his full length album that will be released by Phathologically Explicit Recording.
The Origin Of Brutality
The Subliminal Way Of Flesh
Vermis Antecessor
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Vermis Antecessor - Speawing Wrath Blood
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